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What the Nose Knows: The Science of Smell + Essential Oils

How to Get Started + Pick The Essential Oils That Are Best For YOU. A few days ago I came across a meme that got me thinking about the power of smell. I wish I could remember the details, but I can’t (at least not completely), which is funny because it was about our ability […]
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Sound Baths As a Natural Stress Reliever & Healing Modality

The Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Sound & Vibration. Most of us know that a nice hot bath is great for stress relief. But the bath I’m talking about today isn’t filled with water & bubbles… It’s filled with healing sounds & vibrations! Now, if you’ve heard of “sound baths” before, you might know they have […]
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Feverfew For Migraines: The Game-Changing Herbal Remedy You Probably Haven’t Tried

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines?  If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re probably quick to reach for a bottle of aspirin when you feel that familiar pain set in.  It works, right?  Pop a few of those little pills, and power through your day. But here’s the truth. Those little white […]
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3 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut and What You Can Do About It

When your gut is healthy and happy, the rest of your body usually is, too. That’s largely because your gut and your microbiome act as important gatekeepers for your body. They impact everything from your digestion to your brain health. So, when your gut isn’t the healthiest, your body starts to send you signals. Keep […]
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3 Gentle Ways to Support Your Colon Health

For many of us, living with digestive discomfort has become a way of life and something we think we just have to “deal with.” Plus, talking about your poo isn’t the most glamorous topic.  But keeping your colon in good working order may be easier than you think. And the ultimate relief it can provide […]
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How You Can Plan the Perfect Cozy Winter Day

The days are getting shorter, and the air feels extra chilly. It's no secret that winter is here in full force. But just because you've swapped your flip-flops for a winter coat doesn't mean you have to hibernate until spring. You can enjoy the season to its fullest with this step-by-step guide to creating that […]
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How to Stay Young and Vibrant as You Age

As we get older, our bodies and our nutrition needs change. At some point, we expect the fine lines and wrinkles to show up. And while we may not always welcome them, those little gray hairs that begin to appear are usually no surprise. But as you age, you may notice some other changes in […]
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3 Simple Ways You Can Recover From Summer Holidays

Holidays are a welcomed break from the normal humdrum of life – but sometimes, what you thought was going to be a break actually causes more anxiety or stress. While there’s often a lot of pressure for festivities to be all about fun, the holiday aftermath can leave you feeling tired, drained, and in search […]
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3 Ways to Help You Doze Off Quickly and Naturally

Despite our best attempts, we all have those nights where we just can’t fall asleep. We roll around in bed, tossing and turning to find that perfect spot. But the hours keep ticking away, closer and closer to sunrise. If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. Insomnia (difficulty falling and remaining asleep) affects many […]
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4 Ways to De-stress and Connect With Your Body

Whether it’s work, running errands, or trying to maintain an active social life, our lives seem to bustle by in a flurry these days. Without much of a bink, weeks turn into months, and the months seem to fly by as we try and stay on top of our unending list of tasks and to-dos. […]
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